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Oh there's a stir in dead hearts

Lucille | Fourteen [recently waiteandmalik]

"I know to manage it now. How to keep things at bay, because If I can't feel then what's the point?"

jeal·ous (jĕl′əs)

fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection.

jane & bing // meeting bing lee & goodbye jane

punkcop: sarah’s appearance stops beth from commiting suicide and the two become secret awesome pals

my mad fat diary meme
[1/4] characters: Chloe Harris

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river song didn’t get it all from you, sweetie.

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Amy pond   

there was a beast in there. but there was also a girl who was afraid of being a beast, and who wondered if other people had beasts in their hearts too.

Get To Know Me [3/5 Favorite Relationships] ★ Guinevere and Arthur (Merlin)

"With all my heart."