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Oh there's a stir in dead hearts

Luce | Fourteen | ISFJ


This is the special place in my heart for ghosts who linger, werewolves both teenage and fully grown, and vampires with drinking problems. Though other parts of my heart might creep in as well.


[multi-fandom with a distinct love for Being Human and Teen Wolf]

make me choose: anonymous asked me sheriff stilinski or melissa mccall?

dyleon asked me melissa x sheriff or melissa x agent mccall?


a strong connection

Stephen Amell creates a new word

I need to stop reading all the KC fics nominated in the Klaroline Awards but it’s so hard they’re all amazing but my poor eyes need sleep.

We’re not sayin’ you can change him

He’s a bit of a fixer-upper           - but this we’re certain of
You can fix this fixer-upper,
Up with a little bit of love!

Just reached 2k! Should I celebrate or just hope I don’t lose any?